We Are Different

  1. Our Corporate DNA
    Our DNA is entrepreneurial. We are owners and builders of businesses as well as investors.
  2. Our Experience
    We are emerging market savvy.  We have been intimately involved in building a number of successful emerging markets companies. Over a 20+ year horizon we have consistently been pioneers in surfacing opportunities that others have missed. In the process, we have learned how to scale these companies to become regional champions, and in certain cases, entities with global impact. We have lived the challenges of building businesses in small markets where strategic options are less obvious, and understand the nuances of environments where accessing capital, talent, and exits require unique approaches.
  3. Our Personal Commitment
    We are a small and committed team who are fully invested in the success of each of our portfolio companies. We do business in a responsible and sustainable way guided by best practices and international standards, and support our portfolio companies in doing the same.
  4. Our Track Record
    Our team has proven that significant capital can be deployed in the Caribbean region and that top quartile returns can be generated.  Our post investment involvement at the operational level produces results:
    • Since helping establish InterEnergy Holdings in 2011, the business has attracted a $100M equity investment from International Finance Corporation in 2013, and has expanded its operations into Chile (LNG distribution) and Panama (215 MW wind farm).
    • Since acquiring control of National Commercial Bank of Jamaica in 2002, its profits have grown significantly from ~$6M 2001 to ~120M in 2014.
    • When we invested in Advantage General Insurance in 2008, the company was suffering multi-million dollar operational losses.  The company was turned around, and ultimately acquired in 2013. 
    • At the time of our initial investment in Columbus International it was providing TV and internet services to a single country.  Today, Columbus is a pan-regional powerhouse and the premier provider of broadband and IP services to 42 countries in the greater Caribbean and Latin American region.

    Through our cumulative investment experience we have gained an understanding of how to exploit the strategic position of the Caribbean and Central America as gateways to larger markets.

  5. Our Relationships
    We are connected globally.  Within our geographic focus we enjoy strong relationships with leading businesses and their principals, as well as all levels of government. Our relationships with our Portland sister companies provide us with competitive advantages and gives us unique access to both information and people.  On all levels, as owners, operators, and investors we have a reputation for being solid business partners and ‘doing good’. Hence considering social impacts on local communities and risks for the natural environment they live in and depend on are part of our daily business and investment review. We engage our partners in having a positive impact and reputation in the countries they operate in.

Our vision

We want to be known for:

  • Investing in and building exceptional companies
  • Making money for our investors
  • Making a difference in the communities in which we operate