World Food

Date of Investment: 
November, 2012
Deal Value: 
$4 million
fully realized

In November 2012, Portland Private Equity invested in the one of the largest non-GMO soybean processing and genetics companies in the USA, World Foods Processing, to support their growth plans to expand into the Caribbean via: (i) a growing program to foster protein independence in these markets and; (ii) sale of non-GMO ingredients to food companies. The Portland team viewed this investment as an opportunity to support a market leader with a robust multi-decade track record. Portland has successfully exited the investment.

The Portland Private Equity Difference: 

Portland Private Equity added value by:

  • Introducing the company  to key private sector and public sector officials in the Caribbean
  • Providing advice on how to get the growing programs started in several markets
  • Improving the governance and reporting of this family-run business
  • Participating as a Board observer