Our Ideal Investment


  • Sectors which we understand where our advisors, limited partners, and network can bring significant additional value.
  • Opportunities in markets that have secular growth drivers.

Company Size

  • Existing businesses with the potential to achieve near-term revenues and EBITDA in excess of USD$100M and USD$10 respectively.

Company Profile

  • Preferably a combination of honest and strong management, defensibly large growth prospects, and unique attributes providing competitive advantages.
  • Companies that might be a platform or consolidator for a region are favored.

Investment Size

  • A minimum of USD $15M of total capital to a company. We might place this capital in tranches against milestones.


  • Investment must result in our being in an influential control position which might still be a minority interest.
  • We support the prudent use of leverage.
  • We structure our investments with an enphasis on preserving capital while meeting target investment returns which vary on a per investment basis.


  • A preference to co-invest alongside partners with an intimate knowledge of the local business environment, strong networks, and a reputation of ethics and smarts.

Geographic Focus

  • CARICOM member and associate member states and the Dominican Republic.
  • We have latitude to invest outside these countries under certain circumstances.