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AIC International Investments L.P. announces name change and unveiling of new corporate identity

St. Michael, Barbados

AIC International Investments L.P., the general partner of AIC Caribbean Fund, today announced its name change to Portland Private Equity L.P. and unveiled its new corporate identity along with the launch of the company’s new website www.portlandpe.com. The launch is effective immediately.

“With my recent divestiture of AIC Limited, it was time to change the name of AIC International Investments. Portland is a reference to my hometown in Jamaica, Port Antonio, and I believe the name Portland Private Equity nicely combines our business’ heritage while underscoring our emphasis on growing our private equity business in the near term,” said Michael Lee-Chin, Chairman of Portland Private Equity. “I particularly like our tag line “Investors. Owners. Operators.” as it concisely captures one of our team’s key differentiators,” he notes.

Managing Partner Kip Thompson adds, “The new site is intended to provide the viewer with a sense of how we approach our private equity investing as well as who we are as a team. As we grow our portfolio and launch additional private equity products, the site will evolve.”


For more information visit www.portlandpe.com or contact Douglas Hewson at dhewson@portlandpe.com.

About Portland Private Equity:

Based in Barbados, Portland Private Equity is a private equity fund management company currently focused on opportunities in the Caribbean region through its management of the AIC Caribbean Fund (ACF). Building on Portland’s track record of successful investments throughout the Caribbean region, ACF is a ~$230M fund focused on medium-sized businesses. Companies in its portfolio do business in over 20 countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and Latin America.