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Clarien Bank, a Portland Caribbean Fund II portfolio company, announces 220% increase in year over year profits



  • An expanding product portfolio, enhancements in operations, and disciplined expense management lead to a significant profit increase

The Royal Gazette, a leading Bermudian newspaper recently reported on Clarien Bank’s announcement of a 220% increase in year over year profits. Ian Truran, Clarien chief executive officer, noted: “With an increase in net profit and strong growth in new loans, we continue to position Clarien Bank for future growth through operational efficiencies and portfolio expansion.” Among other positive developments it was noted that Clarien iTrade, an online trading platform enabling investment clients to build the right portfolio to reach their investment goals, achieved 140% annual revenue growth. This link is to the article http://mobile.royalgazette.com/business/article/20180619/clarien-bank-profit-rises-220&template=mobileart.


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