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Portland Private Equity participates in the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (CREF)


Portland Private Equity, a leading private equity fund management company, is pleased to announce its participation in the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum (“CREF”). Launched in 2009, CREF is the largest annual gathering of regional and international energy sector stakeholders exploring renewable energy investment opportunities in the Caribbean. Portland Managing Partner, Doug Hewson, was a panelist on a panel titled “Regional Investability and Financing the Pipeline of Caribbean Projects” providing the private equity practitioner’s perspective on the topic. 


For more information visit www.portlandpe.com or contact Douglas Hewson at dhewson@portlandpe.com.

About Portland Private Equity:

Portland Private Equity is a private equity fund management company currently focused on private equity growth opportunities in the broader Caribbean region through its management of the AIC Caribbean Fund and its successor, Portland Caribbean Fund II.