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Why Resiliency Changes the Investor View on the Caribbean Energy Sector: Leading Renewables Think Tank, New Energy Events, publishes Op-Ed from Portland Private Equity



  • As the risk profile of investments in the region change so too must returns 

Portland Private Equity recently provided New Energy Events a thought piece on why resiliency changes the investor view on the Caribbean energy sector. This link is to the article http://newenergyevents.com/why-resiliency-changes-the-investor-view-on-the-caribbean-energy-sector/. A key takeaway from the piece is that as last season’s hurricanes underscored “… improving the agility and adaptability of the region’s energy framework must be a priority, even if doing so is more expensive in the short term. One view of the higher price tag is that it is a component of insurance and it will attract the capital of investors who are prepared to take on additional risk for higher returns. As an investor, our view is that as energy solutions become more technology-oriented those solutions have more risk of near or medium term obsolescence.  The risk profile of investments in the regional energy sector is changing; returns on those investments will need to change too.” 


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