Date of investment: January, 2015
Deal Value: $30 million
Status: partially realized

Portland’s co-founding of Columbus International in 2005 provided a vantage point to understand the opportunity set in the Caribbean telecom sector. The acquisition by Cable & Wireless of Columbus International in 2015 provided Portland with an opportunity to continue to invest in the growth of the regional telecom sector, which it did by investing in CVBI. The subsequent acquisition of Cable & Wireless by Liberty Global has broadened CVBI’s exposure to the Latin American Caribbean telecom opportunity and the fund expects to benefit from same. We think of CVBI as ‘Columbus 3.0’.

The Portland Private Equity Difference:

Portland Private Equity added value by:
  • Creating the opportunity to continue to invest in the regional telecom sector through its proprietary access to stakeholders in the Columbus International /Cable & Wireless transaction
  • Structuring the investment in a manner that met the needs of all participants while conforming to various regulatory requirements