IEH Penonome Holdings

Date of investment: January, 2015
Deal Value: $15 million
Status: fully realized
ESG: Details

Portland co-invested with InterEnergy Holdings as the latter was taking over a wind park from a distressed developer. The first 55MW of the park were already in place, and as a result, the entry timing was attractive as many parts of the development risk no longer existed. The project is the largest in Central America at 215MW and approximately USD420 million, and is now fully operational.

The Portland Private Equity Difference:

Portland Private Equity added value by:
  • Securing access to the investment opportunity through its unique relationship with the majority shareholder
  • Timing the equity investment such that the debt syndicate was in place in advance.
  • Working with the debt investors and InterEnergy to ensure that wind park is operated in accordance with global ESG standards