Columbus International

Date of investment: December, 2006
Deal Value: $65.5 million
Status: fully realized

Members of Portland Private Equity invested in Columbus in 2005 through an earlier investment vehicle. At that time, we secured an allocation from the company for the AIC Caribbean Fund which had just begun fundraising. In 2005, Columbus’ business was relatively simple as it was limited to providing cable services to Bahamas. By the time of AIC Caribbean Fund’s investment in early 2007, the company was starting to expand through executing a strategy that involved rolling-up acquired key “wholesale and retail” broadband assets throughout the region. A full exit was achieved when Columbus was acquired by Cable & Wireless.

The Portland Private Equity Difference:

Portland Private Equity added value by helping management…
  • Secure key operating licenses and landing concessions in various jurisdictions
  • Identify, negotiate, and close numerous acquisitions
  • Ensure that the Company’s capital intensive strategy was adequately and appropriately financed
  • Complete the divestiture of certain mature assets